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There is a sense of “coming home” that many people experience when in Africa. It is a kind of freedom, of returning to the cradle of humankind, and it is something that cannot accurately be put into words – as most of the best things cannot be. One of the most life-changing aspects of safari is spending time with local people – seeing how they live, as many of them have done for thousands of years, and engaging with them in meaningful and authentic ways. Incorporating a cultural component to your safari adds yet another layer of being more present, more in touch with the natural world, more connected to nature, and to one another.

native with red garment against orange sunset sky
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tribal dance

our signature models

safaris starting at $7,500 per person

We have designed our signature honeymoon safari models based on twenty years of planning luxury safaris. We’ve selected the best elements of safaris specific to honeymooners, and have come up with these models to help guide you.

Each model can be applied to any of the following countries: Botswana, Kenya, Tanzania, South and Africa; Vic Falls, Mozambique, Rwanda, and Uganda can be included as add on’s. You may also opt to customize further by combining elements of each with one another if you so choose. This is meant to give you a sense of what’s possible.

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