Planning a safari can seem overwhelming at first – with so many countries, areas, parks, and experiences to choose from. In fact, safari planning is one instance where working with a knowledgeable and patient travel consultant is really important. You will need somebody who understands what your expectations are and can help guide you, make recommendations, and tailor the itinerary so that all the logistics work seamlessly.

Often the best place to begin your safari planning journey is by narrowing down your travel window and your budget. Depending on what time of year you are aiming to travel, it may make more sense to focus on either an East African honeymoon safari or a Southern African honeymoon safari. Your preferences in terms of level of luxury, whether you would like to include some nights in a traditional luxury tented camp, whether you would like to combine your safari with some time on the beach, gorilla trekking, or a visit to Vic Falls will also come into play.

Most safaris include at least two different safari destinations and many of our honeymooners opt to start or end with a few nights on a white sand beach. We have developed four “signature safari models” which can help guide you in terms of what would be most important to include on your honeymoon safari – culture, adventure, beach, a tented camp, special out of the box experiences. You can explore these models here.

We hope this has given you a sense of how to get started with your safari honeymoon planning. Please feel free to drop us a line for safari advice or to set up a free consultation –