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Amazonia spans 2.7m square miles and one in ten of every living species is found in its neo-tropical rain forest! Brazil alone has 1,837 different types of birds – one in five of the world’s bird species. Needless to say, there is a lot of exploring to do! It has taken many years to find the right kind of Amazon experience – one that has enough luxury but doesn’t compromise the wilderness experience, easily accessible, and also can be visited at a time of year when the insects aren’t so prominent (it is the jungle after all!). We have found some beautiful lodges from which to base out of, with dedicated conservationist owners, superb culinary teams, excellent wine lists and stunning positions within primary Amazonian forest. Contact us today to learn more about a honeymoon in the Amazon and an adventure of a lifetime.

Bird on a branch
Bird in Amazon and Pantanal
Leopard on a rock
Ant Eater in Amazon and Pantanal
Animal eating prey in water
Blue bird

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