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Our favorite time to visit is at the onset of the “garua” season whereby the weather is drier than earlier in the year and there is a peak in bird behavior, turtle nesting and the arrival of the pelagic species. The islands can nevertheless be experienced all year round there will always be interesting things going on, however we don’t recommend August and September when the seas get very rough and cold. The best way to experience the islands is to take a small yacht and visit the outermost islands which are too far for day trips out of Santa Cruz and have fewer visitors. Because of the uniqueness of the many islands the visitor sites are strictly regulated by the park officials and we always try to include different “out of the box” experiences.

Dolphins at Galapagos
Bird at the beach of Galapagos
Bird in the Galapagos
Galapagos in South Africa 2
tourist on Galapagos
Flamingos at Galapagos
Seals on beach of Galapagos
Seal in the Galapagos
under water scooter
Seals on the beach Galapagos
diver discovering penguins
Photographer on the coast

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